On-Line Marketing

ResourceOne: Conversations

  ResourceOne, a hospitality career placement company that is growing by franchising its services. This is a series of five conversations based on separate questions with several franchisees and the owner. These were built from several 3 camera interviews in very tight quarters. Co-produced with Rob Baker.


  This is built as a tight 60 second, on-line spot, incorporating stock footage and Blue Wall Design created motion graphics. ┬áThis is a company that collects analytics on farm production to assist agriculture professionals to make speedy and informed decisions. Produced jointly with Baker Communication Associates with Blue Wall Design handling the post-production.


  A quickly produced marketing video to get the word out about a startup development system that quickly builds apps based upon the Salesforce.com database. ┬áCompany employees were tasked as talent on green screen to meet the time and budget limitations. Co-produced with Baker Communication Associates. All production and post-production was handled by Blue Wall