Business to Business Marketing

Digital Lagoon

  This is a music driven visual “splash” produced to be included in a Digital Lagoon monthly e-Newsletter. Digital Lagoon is a web design and large format printing agency. Producer, Rob Baker and I designed this as a 1 minute or less, “product” we could deliver to small business’ within a very short time frame

Firebird Artisan Mills

  Firebird Artisan Mills is a state of the art grain mill in the upper-midwest. It specializes in producing 100% dedicated gluten-free and allergen-free flours and mixes. This mill is owned by¬†Agspring, a new company with several mills and grain operations throughout the United States. Firebird is unique in it’s abilities. This video is meant


  Agspring is a new company that is growing rapidly. ¬†They are primarily in the business of buying and partnering with grain and specialty crop handlers as well as processing and logistics operators. This project is a corporate overview that is aimed at enticing would be partners to consider what Agspring can bring to their