Notre Dame de Sion: Lower School

  Sion lower is a boys and girls Montessori through 8th grade school. Though in the community it is often thought of as an all-girl school because of the affiliated girls-only high school. This video is part of a marketing effort to recruit more boys and build a more broad community awareness. It was used


  Agspring is a new company that is growing rapidly.  They are primarily in the business of buying and partnering with grain and specialty crop handlers as well as processing and logistics operators. This project is a corporate overview that is aimed at enticing would be partners to consider what Agspring can bring to their

Topsy’s Popcorn

  This is the second time over the last many years that Topsy’s Popcorn has trusted Blue Wall to produce their holiday television spot.  Animated in a 2.5-D style based on storyboards from the agency. Produced through Gragg Advertising. All animation, motion-graphics and post-production handled by Blue Wall Design.

Kahn Academy and The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

  This is part of several videos on the Kahn Academy’s web sight that deals with entrepreneurs. The task here was to take a pre-existing interview with Tody Rush, from EyeVerify, and augment his story with simple yet engaging motion-graphics.  These pieces were wonderful to be a part of. Produced through The Ewing Marion Kauffman

Tutera Family Communities

  The second of two television spots produced for Tutera, a retirement community.  Shot on a soundstage with skilled actors, this was a fun project that we brought in under-budget and on-time, as they say. Produced through Mallen and Friends Advertising. All post-production handled by Blue Wall Design.


  This is built as a tight 60 second, on-line spot, incorporating stock footage and Blue Wall Design created motion graphics.  This is a company that collects analytics on farm production to assist agriculture professionals to make speedy and informed decisions. Produced jointly with Baker Communication Associates with Blue Wall Design handling the post-production.

Swope Guitars

  Shot in-studio, this is one of a set of videos to demonstrate the features and sound of these beautiful hand-made intruments.  Thanks to Chapman Recording and their engineers for capturing the sound of the performance. Co-produced with Chris Swope with all production and post-production provided by Blue Wall Design.


  A quickly produced marketing video to get the word out about a startup development system that quickly builds apps based upon the Salesforce.com database.  Company employees were tasked as talent on green screen to meet the time and budget limitations. Co-produced with Baker Communication Associates. All production and post-production was handled by Blue Wall

Avila University

  Produced for the University’s annual Steer Dinner. An event that raises money for scholarship funds that support low and moderate-income families. It tells the story, through interviews, of the value of Avila’s education to the students and the need for those in attendance at the dinner to contribute. Jointly produced with the University with